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Laniakea Translation Technology, allows users to communicate in two or more languages simultaneouly in person, long distance or in group conversations. Communicate in two or more different language in real time on two or more Android devices via talk and text simultaneously (Coming soon for Windows, and Apple products). Use this application for seamless conversations with people who speak a different language, this application breaks down communication barriers so people can communicate via talk and text with people who speak a different native language.


APPS & Features


BABYL Talk: Our face to face translator allows users to communicate in person with people who speak another language simultaneously. Perfect for traveling abroad and meeting new people in new languages. This application breaks down communication gaps.


BABYL Fone:  Our two way language translator allows users to communicate with one another long distance through both text messaging and voice conversation. Communicate in over 25 languages with more to come by the end of 2019!

BABYL Chat: Our chat rooms allow for group conversation between 3 or more people in several different languages simultaneously.


Languages Available: English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, German, Japanese, Italian, Urdu, Turkish, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, Bengali, Malay, Polish, Ukrainian, Greek, Hebrew, Romanian, Swedish, Persian & Dutch & many more! 


Advantages Over the Competition: No extra hardware, Free updates, Easy to use interface

How the Money will be Utilized

The money raised in this crowdfund campaign will be used for the following upgrades to the current application:

  • Extend Languages offered to over 50!

  • Add Learning mode which will allow users to see both languages of conversation

  • Integrate different male and female voices for each language    

  • Upgrade ability for use of both deaf, and blind users to communicate with the app

  • Add in app upgrades such as new skins

  • Add a coin system to provide rewards to users for usage, recommendation of friends, and other in application activity

  • Upgrade personal profiles and interests

  • Upgrade search features so users can search better based on location, interests, and network with users attempting to learn each others languages.

  • Add ability to send pictures and videos in conversation

  • Additional upgrades based on user feedback, and recommendations. 

If we raise more than anticipated the following additions and upgrades will be added to the app and/or BABYL offerings

  • Photo translator

  • Video Chat

Future Plans

Babyl Translation Technology plans to research, design and develop, the following products in the near future:

  1.  Photo Translation: An app that allows users to take a photo of text and the app will translate into their desired language

  2.  Video Chat: A video chatting addition to our application that translates conversation in subtitles

  3.  Forums:A Forum platform that allows for multiple users communicate in several languages simultaneously.

  4.  Conference Calls: Conference communication where several people can have a conversation at the same time, each person sending their communications in their preferred language while each receiving party receives the communication in their own preferred language. 

  5.  Video Gaming: A chatting application that allows users playing a video game to communicate in several languages simultaneously.


Full Business Plan

To check out our full business plan click on the image to the left or click the link provided below!

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